The Benefits of Spiritual Direction

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As a trained spiritual director, I support others in finding the next step on their spiritual path.  I seek to accomplish this by being a companion who listens generously to another person’s journey with God or with the Holy One. My practice  is strongly rooted in the Judeo-Christian Tradition, but I honor all traditions and practices.

Spiritual direction has many benefits such as:
deeper connection to your higher power, others, your true self, and the creation; more peace, spiritual growth, contemplation, meaning, and purpose in your life.

The blessings are life changing.
New directees are always welcome.

Spiritual direction is an intentional relationship in which a person (the directee) meets individually with another person (the spiritual director) to explore his or her spiritual journey and prayer life in a confidential, supportive, non-judgmental environment. Spiritual direction does not imply that the director tells the directee what to do or not do. The term “direction” implies attentiveness to the ways in which the Spirit is working in the directee’s life.

Why People Come To Spiritual Direction
To discover God’s presence, love, and grace everywhere
Deeper connection to their true self, others, creation
Renewal or deepening of faith, hope, life’s purpose
Guidance in spiritual practices and method
Support and encouragement in all life’s spiritual struggles with         relationships, family, work, choices, goals, dreams, loss, illness, grief,  recovery, religious teachings, etc.

How Spiritual Direction Works
In spiritual direction you explore your spiritual journey in a confidential, non-judgmental, supportive environment.
Sessions are one hour long; during the day, evenings, or Saturdays; usually once a month; and very affordable.
Whether the relationship continues for many years or only a short period, you are always accepted wherever you are spiritually.

Cost: $35-$55 per one hour session (whatever you can afford in that range). Usually we meet just once a month. I try to accommodate people of different income levels, so if the above rates would prohibit you from taking spiritual direction, we will work out a rate you can afford.

To Make an Appointment: Call 208-608-2634 (cell: call or text) or email Richard Green at

For a longer article on Spiritual Direction click on Article and select the article entitled “What is Spiritual Direction”’. Also check out the “Spiritual Direction Covenant” for further clarification of the role of  the director and the directee.

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