At a Distance

Doing spiritual direction online offers the convenience of receiving spiritual support regardless of physical location. While there is no doubt that meetings in person are best, often in rural areas and small towns there are no spiritual directors available, and in large cities, traffic, travel times, and distances are real challenges for people. Not only that, but with Skype and other similar platforms it’s like being right in the room with your spiritual director. So why spend a lot of unnecessary time on the road?

• you can talk to the director from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office
• no travel time and cost, and no traffic or weather to contend with
• the director is a neutral, objective, totally safe person to talk to

Via Skype.
With Skype, once you are set up, you can see and talk to anyone anywhere in the world for free! All this requires is a web camera (if you have a laptop there is probably a webcam built into it) or purchasing a USB web camera (usually $20-$50) at any technology store (or ordering one online), or you may be able to use your digital camera as a webcam by plugging it into your computer. Then you just download the free Skype software from
For more guidelines on “Spiritual Direction via Skype” see the Article of the same name.

Via Zoom.  Download the free app at .  Once we set up a date and time to meet I will send you an invitation with a link and password.  I can also send you some basic instructions if you are new to Zoom.

Via Phone.
Distance spiritual direction can also be done by phone.  Whether by Skype or by phone, the spiritual director will email you a list of times when he is available and you simply choose a time that is convenient for you.

Depending on your individual needs, we can have sessions as often as once a week or as seldom as once every few months. For sustained progress and growth, it is recommended that it be at least once a month. Spiritual direction can take place for just a few sessions or for many years, as long as you feel it is continuing to be beneficial. Many see the value of regular, ongoing feedback throughout their spiritual life. The spiritual director can become your lifelong spiritual support person no matter where you live.

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