The Corpse Pose

One week ago I heard a talk by Carla Anne Hart.  She has worked in children’s hospitals all over the country. Her interactions with caregivers and families alike inspired the writing in her newest book, A Child Shall Lead …How God Walks You Through Darkness with Hope, Wisdom and Healing.  In her talk Hart spoke of compassion fatigue, a term which I had never heard before. Continue reading “The Corpse Pose”

Birding and the Spiritual Journey

Resize Zoe and IWhen I came to Idaho eight years ago I began watching birds in my backyard.  At an Eagle Days celebration in Boise I discovered that there was a local chapter of the Audubon Society,  so I started going on birding trips with experienced birders.  I took a beginning birders’ class, bought a birding guide book and continued to go on the birding trips.  I learned how to use binoculars and bought a good quality pair which made a huge difference.  There are lots of parallels between becoming a birder and making progress on the spiritual path. Continue reading “Birding and the Spiritual Journey”

Hello world!

This is my first post. I’m excited as I begin this web site and blog.  It marks a new phase in my life and ministry. I hope to post bits of information, inspiration and challenge which might be helpful to you as you take your next step on your spiritual path.  Please feel free to comment with your thoughts and questions.  The following prayer taken from Journey with Jesus by Larry Warner page 148 expresses my desire to know, to love and to follow Jesus.

Lord Jesus,
Help me to know you, to love you, and to follow you
Help alleviate my fears
and fan the embers of trust within me
Give me the strength to say yes to your invitations
the courage to continue my journey with you
Remind me that you are
the Way
the Truth
and the Life
and apart from you there is no life
but with you
and you alone
is fullness of life,
life everlasting.

Does this prayer express your desires?  Why or why not?