What is Spiritual Direction

You are limited and broken but loved(1)Spiritual direction is a prayer process in which a person seeking help in cultivating a deeper personal relationship with God meets with another for prayer and conversation that is focused on increasing awareness of God in the midst of life experiences and facilitating surrender to God’s will.  – David G. Benner from his book “Sacred Companions:  The Gift of Spiritual Friendship & Direction”

#1 Spiritual Direction Is Like

You are limited and broken but loved(2)Unlike counseling or psychotherapy, the process of spiritual direction is focused not on technique and intervention by the director but rather on listening and discernment by both the director and directee.  Whereas a therapist might proceed according to a treatment plan, a spiritual director is likely to proceed deliberately without a plan, relying on the Higher Power, who many call God, as the “real director”.

What Spiritual Direction is Unlike #1

You are limited and broken but loved(1)Most people have no idea what spiritual direction is all about.  One way to understand what it is like is to understand what it is unlike.  Even though psychotherapy is a valuable tool, it is different from spiritual direction.  People in psychotherapy might benefit from spiritual direction and people in spiritual direction might benefit from psychotherapy.

Assertiveness and Active Listening

When each person knows what the other person feels and wants (assertiveness) and when each knows they have been heard and understood (active listening), intimacy is increased.