Spiritual Direction via Skype

                                           Spiritual Direction via Skype
                                                  with Richard Green

Getting Started on Skype

If you do not have an existing Skype account, here are the steps to get started.

To begin, you will need:

1. A webcam connected to or installed on your computer
2. A microphone connected to or installed on your computer
3. A broadband internet connection
4. Earbuds or a headset (optional)

To set up your Skype account, do the following:

1. Go to www.skype.com.
2. Click “Download Skype.”
3. Select the correct version for your operating system (Mac, Windows, etc.).
4. Allow the program to download.
5. Double-click on the download to install it.
6. Follow the installation instructions.
7. Once the program has been downloaded, open the Skype program in your applications folder.
8. Select a username and password for your account to start a new account.
9. Add any related profile details to your account, like your name and a photo.

To check your video and microphone settings, do the following:

1. Click on “Skype” on the menu bar at the top of your screen.
2. Click on “Preferences.”
3. Click on the “Audio/Video” option.
4. Test the microphone and video settings to confirm they are working. (If you are using an external webcam or microphone, you may need to select those hardware options on the drop-down menus for each.)

Connecting with Richard on Skype

Once you have downloaded the Skype software and created an account for yourself,  you’ll need to send me a contact request so we are set up to connect for our sessions.

1. Open the Skype application on your computer.
2. Log on to your account.
3. Click on “Contacts” on the menu bar at the top of the screen.
4. Click on “Add Contact.”
5. Enter “rgreenrichard@gmail.com” in the search bar under the “Add Contact” section.
6. Click on the green “Add Contact” button to the right of my name (Richard Green) to send me a contact request.
7. Once I receive your contact request, I will accept it.

Preparing for Our Time Together

To prepare your physical space for our time together, I recommend the following
best practices:

1. Choose a setting that is both comfortable and private, where you will not be
disturbed or hindered from sharing freely.
2. Take care to select a location that also has a strong, clear internet connection.
3. Close any browser windows, email programs, or other applications on your
computer that could create a distraction for you during our time together.
4. Put your phone in “do not disturb” mode.
5. Perhaps light a candle on the table next to you. (I will also have a candle lit as
a symbol of the holy presence that is with and between us.)
6. Prepare your mind, heart, and body to enter sacred space.

Initiating Our Call Time

It is my practice to arrive on Skype about 5 minutes prior to our scheduled call time,
and I leave the initiation of the beginning of our call in your hands. If you see that I
am online prior to our call time, that means I am ready and available for you to
initiate the call whenever you are ready.

To initiate our call:

1. Open the Skype application on your computer.
2. Log on to your account.
3. Click on the “Contacts” option in the left sidebar.
4. Scroll to find my name, “Richard Green” or “rgreenrichard@gmail.com,” in your contacts database.
5. You should see a solid green cloud next to my name, indicating I am online. (If the cloud next to my name is not solid green that means you arrived on Skype before me. Once I log in, my status cloud will automatically update and you can initiate the call.)
6. Select “Video Call” to the left of my name. This will initiate our video call, and I will accept your incoming call for us to begin.

*** If you have any technical difficulty connecting to Skype on the day of our session,
you can contact me via email at rgreenrichard@gmail.com or via text at 208 608-2634

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