A Covenant for Spiritual Direction

Here is the Covenant I use when beginning a new relationship with a directee.   One of the reasons I’m including it is because it gives a clear explanation of my work as a director and what a directee can expect from the sessions.  Sessions can be conducted face to face or over the internet through Skype or other similar program.

Spiritual Direction is the art of Christian conversation and listening carried out in the context of a trusting relationship. A Spiritual Director is a faith companion who listens to your life story with an ear for discerning the movement of the Holy Spirit in your life. God is the true guide and director, while the human spiritual director is like a coach or midwife, assisting you in noticing and responding to the inner voice of God. The director is primarily interested in your experience of God and how you can follow God’s call. That process is a spiritual journey into the truth about God, yourself, your relationships, your work, and the world.

The premise of Spiritual Direction is that God is present and active in your daily life in a multitude of [usually unnoticed] ways. When you slow down, begin to reflect, and take a long, loving look at what is happening around you, you begin to become aware of the experience of the presence of God. The more you know yourself the more you know God; and the more you know God, the more you know yourself and your direction and purpose. Intimacy with God leads naturally into transformation, healing, and action.

My work as your director is to focus my attention on your spiritual experience and points of self-discovery, to explore with you God’s will and purpose in your life. Therefore, I will not try to analyze or fix you, even though our conversations may involve deep personal sharing and exploration of personal crisis and suffering. Spiritual direction is a conversation of the heart and uses all our human faculties (intuition, emotion, imagination, senses, and intellect) to discern God’s presence and will for you, as you understand it. I pledge myself to listen with you for the voice of God and to help you notice God’s movement in your life.

Our conversations are always confidential; however, for my professional growth I ask your permission to share pieces of information with my supervisor without using your name. It is customary for directors to be under direction and supervision as part of our commitment to improving our practice.

In the beginning, I suggest we meet three times for about an hour each session. At the end of that time we will evaluate how well direction is meeting your expectations and whether to continue. Thereafter we will meet according to a schedule that we agree upon, and will evaluate at least every 6 months whether the relationship is fruitful and should be continued or not.

Usual fees for spiritual direction range from $35-50. I would be happy to meet with you for an initial free session face-to-face or on Skype to explore whether spiritual direction is right for you at this point in your spiritual journey.  We can discuss this covenant and the fee structure.

Note: State law requires spiritual directors to report suspected cases of child or elder abuse, and professional ethics regarding confidentiality do not apply to self-endangerment [suicide] or harm to others.

This Covenant came from my training with CFDM

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