CONTEMPMPLATIVE ACTIONThere’s got to be more to relating to God than just going to worship, reading Scripture, and saying rote prayers. Have you ever felt like that? Do you want “something” more”? What feeds you spiritually right now? What’s one thing that makes you most passionate about God? Once you discover that maybe you will discover that there is a Christian practice that seems to fit.

I want to briefly list some classic spiritual practices to see if any of them might fit for you.
1. Opening Contemplative Space: identify times in your daily life that provide opportunities for centering in the reality of God. Try to be aware of God’s presence throughout the day.
2. Looking Within: Look inside yourself to see what makes you tick or fails to make you tick in order that you may love. God is not out there somewhere; God is right inside of you.
3. Confession: Confession and forgiveness can be vital parts of your spiritual journey. Tell God each day what you are sorry for and then wait for a sense of God’s forgiveness.
4. Spiritual Reading: Use the four steps of lectio divina which are reading, meditating, speaking and listening the next time you read a short passage of Scripture. Go slow. Go even slower.
5. Develop a “Rule of Life” – a formal list of ways to attend to the rhythms and facets of your spiritual and religious life and relationships. This list should cover all aspects of your life and may be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually.
6. Visualization: Try visualizing new ways of responding to temptation, mentally rehearsing different choices in a difficult situation, or projecting yourself into a biblical story through imagination.
7. Serving Others: How can you act in the world with compassion each day?

I know this is just a list. Does anything seem to fit? What could you do to learn more about this classical Christian practice so it could actually become a practice in your life? Hint: you don’t have to perfectly understand the practice to begin giving it a try. It might be helpful if you found a spiritual friend or spiritual director who can walk with you as you develop spiritual practices that fit you and help you discover “something more”.

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