How to have a time alone with God

Be still and know that I am God.How to have a time alone with God
You might want to begin with some physical exercise like walking, running, cycling or yoga.
Have the right place. A place of quiet where you can spend some uninterrupted time (outside is great when the weather permits). Turn off all electronic devices.
Have the right time. Morning works best for me, but pick a time that works for you. It is helpful if you can be consistent – same time and place on a regular basis.
Have the necessary materials such as a copy of the scriptures (book form or online/smart phone access), a journal and something to write with. I like to have a cup of coffee to sip.
Have a worthy goal – Not to just gain more information but actually to spend time with God. Remember God loves you and you love God.  This is about building and enjoying your relationship with God.
Have a plan
Begin with clearing your mind, deep breathing and becoming aware of God’s presence. Take your time as you prepare.
Ask God to direct your time
Read a passage from scripture ( is a good online resource with 100’s of reading plans you can access from your computer, tablet or phone. I use the daily prayer phone app from the Presbyterian Church USA.)   Read the passage slowly several times.
Notice anything that attracts you or elicits resistance from you.
Reflect on what you have read especially on those things which attracted you or brought up resistance. This would be a good time to do some journaling.
Turn your reading and reflection into a prayer by talking to God about it. Be sure and spend some time listening to God as well. You could record the conversation in your journal.
Pick one thing you can take into your day. Several times during the day stop and think about it. Ask, how am I doing in living this out so far today.

Remember the goal is to spend time with God.

I’d love to hear from you. What about this post did you find helpful? What have you done to spend time with God? Are there any other areas of spiritual growth you would like help with? Let me know by commenting below.

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