Are we listening?

W(2)This morning as I was doing my daily prayer, two passages of scripture caught my attention.  One was Psalm 148.  It begins with the words, Praise the Lord…  I goes on to say that everything; rocks, plants, fish, birds and animals praise the Lord by just being themselves.  Near the end of the Psalm human beings were added to the list.  We too praise the Lord by being who the Lord created us to be.   The other passage was about the boy Samuel.   One night as he was sleeping the Lord came to him and spoke to him.  The Lord spoke in such an ordinary voice and manner that Samuel thought it was the blind older priest, Eli calling for his assistance.   When Eli figured out it was the Lord who was calling the boy, he instructed him that when he next heard the voice to say, Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.  The boy followed Eli’s instructions and the Lord spoke to him.  With some prodding he then told the message to Eli.  He needed prodding because it was a difficult message.  The boy, Samuel grew into a man and became known as a “trustworthy prophet”  because he had learned to listen to the Lord and pass on the Lord’s word to the people.  I sometimes make the spiritual life much more complicated than it needs to be.  If I can just lean to live out of my true self,  I will praise the Lord by just being who the Lord created me to be.  If I can just learn to listen for the voice of the Lord in small, ordinary events and things I will be surprised to hear the Lord speaking to me.

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