Birding and the Spiritual Journey

Resize Zoe and IWhen I came to Idaho eight years ago I began watching birds in my backyard.  At an Eagle Days celebration in Boise I discovered that there was a local chapter of the Audubon Society,  so I started going on birding trips with experienced birders.  I took a beginning birders’ class, bought a birding guide book and continued to go on the birding trips.  I learned how to use binoculars and bought a good quality pair which made a huge difference.  There are lots of parallels between becoming a birder and making progress on the spiritual path.  I’ve discovered in my journey and supporting others in their journey that to move forward on the spiritual path it is important to learn some things like the vocabulary,  the stages along the path, and the practices that facilitate the journey.  It is very helpful to have those who are further along on the journey help support you as you take your next steps.   Call them guides, companions, spiritual friends or midwives it is much more difficult to make progress with out this kind of support.  I’ve grown from a beginning birder to a intermediate birder because I have a desire to improve and I’ve had the help of experienced birders along the way.  Who do you have in your life that can support you in your spiritual journey?   Is there anyone who could use your support?

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